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Sheet Metal Capabilities


We can fabricate parts from different sheet metal grade including, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The thickness can range from more common high gauge material to thicker plate up to .750 depending on material type.


Our welders have the ability MIG/TIG weld Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Steel.

Clean Up and Linegrain

After manufacturing parts, its important to take time to ensure tabs, corners and inside of diameters are cleaned and deburred. This protects parties during handling and gives the part a better finished look.


We are able to install a vast range of hardware products – from screws to fasteners that are designed for sheet metal fabrication


After developing flat patterns, our team can laser cut your design to a high degree. Our new Fiber 3kw can handle most common material and thicknesses. If a thicker or special material is needed, please reach out to inquire.

Punch Press

Meant for large quantity orders or parts with special design, our machine can turn parts around quickly and efficiently.


Forming guidelines set by your designer to take into consideration bends, hems, and offsets.

Surface Finishes and Treatments

Options available depending on needs – Plating, Primer, Powder Coating and Silkscreen.


Light CNC Machining to cut away material on bar, tubing and plates to a precise tolerance based off blueprints.

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