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Precision Fabricated Sheet Metal Products + Parts

O.E.M. Precision has years of experience fabricating, finishing, assembling and integrating metal parts, components, weldments, assemblies and enclosures for a variety of different markets. We fabricate and manufacture parts and products using materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum utilizing our precision sheet metal fabrication equipment. Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum of end-to-end production, from raw material and close partnerships with our finishing suppliers, to assembly and shipping.

Some of the sheet metal products and parts we fabricate include but are not limited to:

Fabricated Metal Enclosures & Panels

  • Metal boxes

  • Card cages and sub-rack card cages

  • Electronics and computer chassis

  • Electrical panels / fuse boxes

  • Medical and industrial cabinets / lockers

Fabricated Metal Assemblies & Weldments

  • Industrial/Commercial Brackets

  • Commercial Metal Frames

  • Metal box and cabinet lids and covers

  • Box and cabinet panels and doors

Precision Fabricated Metal Parts & Components

  • Metal brackets

  • Commercial hinges

  • Metal fasteners

Fabricated Metal Enclosures, Chassis & Panels

Fabricated Metal Brackets & Clips

Fabricated Metal Weldments & Frames


Assemblies and Kits

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