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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technology is highly suited for manufacturing intricate and highly precise parts, as well as for cutting complex shapes without the need for additional processing steps.

In comparison to CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have been observed to exhibit faster cutting speeds for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, thereby enabling us to enhance our production efficiency and reduce lead times, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Fiber lasers deploy a tightly focused, fully-contained beam of light, which facilitates cutting at very tight tolerances with unparalleled accuracy. Additionally, compared to their CO2 counterparts, fiber lasers produce cleaner edges, resulting in improved cut quality.

Turret/Punch Press

Punch press machines offer significant advantages for the sheet metal industry. These machines utilize a variety of punching and cutting tools, enabling them to produce a wide range of shapes and holes with great accuracy and consistency. This makes them ideal for high-volume production runs, where precision and speed are critical factors.

In certain instances, punch press machines can provide more pronounced benefits than laser cutting, depending on the specific manufacturing requirements and constraints at hand.

Forming - Press Brakes

Forming constitutes a critical aspect of sheet metal fabrication, as it enables the production of complex, precise parts and components that meet specific customer requirements.

The machines take into account vital data points such as bend angle, radius, material thickness, and width, ensuring that the finished products meet exacting customer specifications. This, coupled with the expertise of our skilled operators, enables O.E.M. Precision to produce intricate and tightly-toleranced parts with ease and confidence.

Welding Services

Welding is an essential process for building parts and assemblies such as cabinets, frames, and enclosures.

Capabilities and Methods:

  • GMAW (MIG) Welding

  • GTAW (TIG) Welding

  • Spot Welding

  • Stud Welding


We support a wide variety of panel and enclosure assemblies. Our floor is capable of producing welded, riveted enclosures, frames, chassis and cabinets.

General Capabilities:

  • Riveting

  • Bolt

  • Kitting

  • Hardware Insertion

  • Adhesive Bonding

  • Torqueing

  • Door Handles, Cam Locks and Chassis Slides

  • Multi-Part Assembly

Surface Finishes & Treatments

At O.E.M. Precision, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive turn-key services, including powder coating, plating, silkscreening, and other finishing processes to ensure that our customers' projects are delivered to their exact specifications.

To ensure the provision of top-quality finishing services, we have forged partnerships with a select group of trusted and reliable local suppliers, whose services are competitively priced. Our internal team of experts closely monitors the performance of these suppliers, regularly conducting on-site inspections and documenting key events to provide valuable feedback and insights to improve our partnerships. We remain highly committed to fostering strong and productive relationships with our suppliers, recognizing that their critical role in our operations ultimately translates to our ability to deliver exceptional value to our customers.


O.E.M. Precision's quality management system is aligned with ISO9001:2015 standards, which attest to our unwavering commitment to providing our valued customers with products and services that meet the highest regulatory and quality benchmarks.

Central to our quality management ethos are Continuous Improvement processes that are ingrained in every facet of our operations. Our teams across various departments are committed to maintaining high standards of quality assurance by constantly reviewing and refining our processes and procedures to deliver consistently superior quality results that exceed customer expectations.

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